Mythical Female Characters in “DC Super Hero Girls” Series

In children’s animated series “DC Super Hero Girls” (DC Entertainment Production, 2015-present) we can find many interesting female characters – several of them can be associated with the world of mythology.

  • Wonder Woman (Diana of Themyscira): 
  • Queen Hippolyta (mother of Wonder Woman): 
  • Artemiz (sic!, member of Female Furies): 
  • Mad Harriet (her image seems to be related to the character of Medusa): 
  • Themis (as a sculpture on the Super Hero High School Campus): 
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania dc superhero girls high school

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Found by Dorota Bazylczyk

Through Argos’ Eyes Again

Ralph Hardy’s novel “Argos: The Story of Odysseus as Told by His Loyal Dog” (2016) about a friendship as old as time…


Book cover from Amazon.

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Found by Katarzyna Marciniak


Poseidon’s Trident in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

In the new part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Jack Sparrow searches for the Poseidon’s Trident, which can help him take control over the sea and defeat Captain Saltazar:


Take also a closer look at the skull…. 🙂


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Found by Katarzyna Marciniak & Dorota Bazylczyk



The Odyssey Through the Eyes of Argos

“Argos” – a novel by Phillip W. Simpson, published in 2016, presents the Homeric myth from the perspective of Odysseus’ beloved dog.


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Found by Elizabeth Hale.

A Daughter of Zeus in the New Warner Bros Production

The premiere of “Wonder Woman – Rise of the Warrior” (Warner Bros Production) took place recently. The main character of the movie – Wonder Woman – is Diana, the princess of the Amazons and a daughter of Zeus.


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Found by Dorota Bazylczyk


Traces of Medusa in “Mère Méduse” Picture Book

The picture book “Mère Méduse” (“Mother Medusa”) was published for the first time in November 2014. The author of the book – Kitty Crowther (writer and illustrator of children’s books) explains in her blog post (see below) that for her, “Mother Medusa is a descendant of Medusa from Greek mythology.” She emphasizes that the tragic story of the mythological Medusa was a huge inpiration for her and she recalles on the blog the Ovidian version of the myth in which Medusa was raped by Poseidon and punished by Athena. 

The main character of the book – Mother Medusa, like the mythological Medusa, is withdrawn from society because of her appearance: “It’s as if she’s locked up in her own hair. Only her daughter can approach her. So much hair she cannot untangle it.”

[Quotes from Kitty Crowther’s blog post about “Mère Méduse”]




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·   Post about the book on a blog dedicated to picture books:

The illustrations come from Picturebook Makers Blog.

Found by Krzysztof Rybak




Discovering the World of Ancient Greece with National Geographic Multi-layer Puzzles

“National Geographic 4D Ancient Greece” puzzles belong to the “4D Cityscape” series. Thanks to the game you can come to know better the Ancient Greek culture.

At the first stage of the game you have to do the puzzles that create a historical map of the region. At the second stage, you have to adjust the added figures to the map (the figures represent ancient buildings and the Troian Horse). 

Once everything is ready, you can download an interactive puzzle application for your device (for free) which will allow you to interact with the puzzles and learn more about the world of Ancient Greece.

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Photos taken by Agnieszka Maciejewska

Found by Agnieszka Maciejewska