„Legendy i mity” [“Legends and myths”] activity cards by CzuCzu

CzuCzu publishing house (part of Bright Junior Media) offers many creative and educational materials for children. Their products are being produced in Poland under the special care of teachers and specialists. All the products are especially adapted for the specific age groups.

In 2011 CzuCzu produced the educational set of activity cards for children (age: 4-7), devoted to different legends and myths:



In the set children can find 25 activity cards (containing 50 different illustrations) and an erasable pen, so they can try to solve all the tasks as many time as they want. While playing, they will be able to learn (inter alia) about the famous myths and mythological monsters. On one of the illustrations below we can see the task related to the Minotaur’s Labyrinth:



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Post written by Dorota Bazylczyk

“Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts” by Federica Magrin & Laura Brenlla

This time we would like to present you our recent discovery – the “Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts” [“Atlante dei mostri e dei fantasmi più spaventosi”, first published in 2018], created by Italian author Federica Magrin, with illustrations prepared by Spanish illustrator – Laura Brenlla:

The cover of the Polish edition, published by Wydawnictwo Bajka in 2018, translated by Ewa Nicewicz-Staszowska [source].

The author takes young readers on a world-wide tour, presenting them numerous magical and haunted places, where they can meet mysterious creatures and mythical monsters.

The cover of the English edition, published in 2019 by Lonely Planet Kids [source].

In the book we can find a special section devoted to Classical Mythology, where children can get to know some famous ancient characters, such as (inter alia): a Siren, Kirke, a Centaur and the Cyclops:

Source: https://www.strefapsotnika.pl/wielki-atlas-zjaw-i-potworow-z-calego-swiata/.
Source: https://www.strefapsotnika.pl/wielki-atlas-zjaw-i-potworow-z-calego-swiata/.

Federica Magrin & Laura Brenlla work often together, creating many interesting books for children, see for example “Discovering the Ancient Egyptians – Playing with History”:

The cover of “Discovering the Ancient Egyptians – Playing with History“, published by White Star in 2019 [source].

Also in October 2019 their new book entitled “The Great Book of Mythology” will be published:

The cover of “The Great Book of Mythology” – book to be published by White Star [source].
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Laura Brenlla’s official websitehttp://marialaurabrenlla.com

Blog post prepared by Dorota Bazylczyk