Art3mis in “Ready Player One”

“Ready Player One” is a new movie directed by Steven Spielberg (worldwide premiere: March 2018), based on the science-fiction novel by Ernest Cline (2011):

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania ready player one poster
Movie poster made by artist Paul Shipper [source]

The movie talks about the vision of the world in the future, in 2045, where people use a massive virtual reality called “OASIS” to escape from the real life. The author of the “OASIS” – James Halliday, before his death decides to announce a contest for the players and give his entire property to the first person who will find the “Easter Egg” hidden in virtual reality.  Then the whole world throws itself into the challenge:

The creators of the film decided to put into it many references to well-known pop-culture works, such as (inter alia) “Back to the Future”, “Batman”, or “Robocop”, but they also took some inspirations from the Greek mythology. One of the movie characters was named after the Greek Goddess of the hunt – Artemis. It is Samantha Evelyn Cook, a 19-year-old girl,  who as a player of “OASIS” is called Art3misAs we can already guess, the girl is hunting for the Easter Egg” – she is also very brave, independent, and intelligent character.

Poster dedicated to Art3mis [source]
Podobny obraz
Art3mis and Parzival in the movie [source]

The Funko company – creators of licensed vinyl pop-figures, produced a doll inspired by the Art3mis character (see below):

Pop! Movies: Ready Player One - Art3mis
Ready Player One Art3mis by Funko [source]
Found by Dorota Bazylczyk

Elaborated by Dorota Bazylczyk

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