Teaching Ancient Culture to Young Children

On Monday 4th June 2018 Katerina Volioti gave a talk entitled Teaching Ancient Culture to Young Children at the Early Childhood Research Centre, University of Roehampton. Katerina’s main argument was the need to recast style to culture in illustrated children’s books. The audience was comprised chiefly of graduate students and staff from the Education and Humanities Departments, including Susan Deacy who leads the Roehampton wing of the OMC project. Nanci Santos, one of the OMC Survey contributors, also attended. A most inspirational discussion followed on the Survey, on adult views of how children should respond to museum exhibits, and on whether children’s books should show Classical statues in colour.

4 June 2018 Katerina Volioti and Nanci Santos

In the picture: Nanci Santos (left) and Katerina Volioti (right). Also in the picture: cover of Greek book about the Cycladic culture, ancient and modern: The Cyclades: Jewels in the Aegean (Papadopoulos Publications, 2017).

Prepared by Katerina Volioti



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