“Presenting: Mythical Cartoons (2)” by Anna Mik

It’s time for Animaniacs! In the episode Hercules Unwound (dir. Audu Paden, 1995), crazy sibilings are taking us to ancient Greece, where the sun is bright, centaurs are philosophers, and Medusa’s doing Pegasus’ manicure. Yakkoleus, Wakkamemnon, and the goddess of cuteness – Aphrodottie visit young Hercules, who really, really does not want to do his twelve labours (and daddy Zeus is not very happy about it). “The ultimate symbol of strength and courage” is presented here as a spoiled brat having a tantrum before cleaning Augeas’ stables. Unfortunately, crazy sibilings cannot help the hero, as his breath smells like garlic and Dot is not able to kiss him. Animaniacs retreat and skip the episode, but there are other cartoon celebrities ready to take over.

Nearby, Pinkus and the Brain overhear Mr. Artistotle saying that Zeus “lightning bolt equals unlimited power” – hence, there is a perfect occasion to “overthrow his kingdom and take over the world”. They fly on Pegasus to Olympus and visit the home of a balding, short, and chubby Zeus. While the god is checking on his son’s progress (which is none, as Hercules decided to take a coffee break), mice steal the lightning bolt to lose it in a few seconds. The bolt breaks the aqueduct and the escaping water cleans out the nasty stables. Zeus, happy with his son’s work, rewards him with marriage to the most amazing goddess in the ancient Greece – Aphrodottie of course – who decides to wear a gas mask for a final kiss.

Packed with action and Latin puns, with the star guests Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs prove to be a real mythical treat.

Figure 1: Dot as Aphrodottie, screenshot
Figure 2: Dot before the kiss, screenshot
Figure 3: Pinkus and the Brain, screenshot
Figure 4: Medusa and Pegasus – bonding, screenshot
Figure 5: Not so mighty Zeus, screenshot

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  • Link to the IMDB page – link

Prepared by Anna Mik


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