“Antiquity-Camera-Action!” Competition Results: Ancient History

We are pleased to present the results of the second edition of the “Antiquity-Camera-Action!” movie competition, this time devoted to Ancient History:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania our mythical historyerc_banner-vertical

Congratulations to all the Winners! 🙂

We would like to thank all the School Students and their Teachers who took part in the contest and we are pleased to announce the next edition already in September! More details soon. Keep visiting the official website of the competition:



1st Prize – movie “Diogenes. A Real Man” by “Galezia Studio” group

The 1st Prize has been awarded to a very interesting movie directed by Piotr Hałęza, with the suggestive and thoroughly contemporary presentation of the Greek cynic Diogenes. The Jury appreciated (inter alia) the interesting references to the stylistics of action cinema, the use of natural scenery, dynamic camera work, interesting editing, and the sense of humour.

Big applause for the Students from the Electronic and Computer Science School Complex in Sosnowiec with their Tutor – Prof. Marlena Łój-Szewczyk!!!


2nd Prize – movie “Spartacus’ Uprising” by the “Tribus” group

The 2nd Prize has been awarded for the original references to the character of Spartacus. The Jury appreciated the poetic way of narration, appropriately selected music, as well as interesting camera shots and the topic of juvenile addiction.

Congratulations to the “Tribus” group from Władysław Broniewski Elementary School in Wielgie, with their Tutor – Prof. Krzysztof Jagiełło!!!


The Jury decided not to award the 3rd Prize, but to honour two films with Special Distinctions:

Special Distinction to the movie “Antigone Primps” by the “Kurietta” group

The Special Distinction has been granted for the intriguing reference to Sophocles and his work, as well as for a very interesting use of the animation technique.

Congratulations to Małgorzata Miłek from Juliusz Słowacki VI Generalist High School in Kielce, and her Tutor – Prof. Anna Wzorek!!!


Special Distinction to the movie “Doglosophy” by “Team Mazury” directed by Olgierd Żebrowski

The Special Distinction has been granted for an interesting script and well-written dialogues, with the use of the quotations from the philosopher Diogenes, known as “the Dog”.

Congratulations to the “Team Mazury” from Jan III Sobieski School Complex in Szczytno and to their Tutor – Prof. Grzegorz Poniatowski!!!


The Jury emphasizes the high level of the works submitted to the competition, congratulates to all the Participants and expresses the hope for the continuation of this project in the next year!

Soon there will be more pictures from the award ceremony on our social network! Stay tuned!

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