Interactions with Mythical Creatures in “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”

After the great success ofPokémon GO” (2016), Niantic – the world famous American software development company, decided to create another mobile game based on the augmented reality. It is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (the joint producers are: Portkey Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, WB Games, Inc.):

Official cover of the game Source

In the game the players become the members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, who is taking care of fixing the negative consequences of a catastrophe that took place between the Wizards’ and Muggles’ worlds. In its effect, some traces of magic started to appear in the “normal” world, risking to reveal all the magical secrets. In the game, while walking around the city with their mobile phones, the players try to remove magic items (“foundables”) from the Muggles’ world, as well as they fight against the magical beasts, enter the inns, greenhouses, and fortresses.

Among all the creatures we can find while playing the game, there are of course the mythical characters form the Care of Magical Creatures (a category in the Registry of Harry Potter Wizards Unite) such as for example Pegasus, the Centaur (Firenze), Phoenix and Hippogriff. As soon as we find them, we can return them to their proper Location in the Registry, such as the Forbidden Forest, Pumpkin Patch or Hagrid’s Hut.

Below we are presenting you some examples of their images and interactions related to their presence in the game.

Centaur (Source)
Phoenix (Source)
Hagrid’s Hut in the Register (source)
Pegasus (Source)

See more:

The Official Website of the game –


Post prepared by Dorota Bazylczyk

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