“Mythology Activity Sheets” available online [by Candlewick Press]

During this difficult times we are all searching for interesting activities for children to help them learn through play. Lately, we discovered that Candlewick Press is publishing online very helpful materials about mythology for children of age 8 and up, that you can easily download and print. Everything in relation to the children’s book published by the publisher in 2007, titled Mythology: The Gods, Heroes, and Monsters of Ancient Greece”, written by Lady Hestia Evans and illustrated by Nick Harris, Nicki Palin, and David WyattFor example, you can find there “Mythology Activity Sheets” and “Mythology Teachers Guide”  (preview below):


Click to access 0763634034.kit.1.pdf

Click to access 0763634034.btg.1.pdf

Hope you will enjoy!

If this post got your attention stay tuned and follow our social media – on May 4th our new endeavour will be released! 🙂

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Post prepared by Dorota Rejter, “Find the Force” image by Zbigniew Karaszewski


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