Our Mythical Childhood Educational Activities in Ukrainian

Within the Our Mythical Childhood project, we are preparing educational materials for children of all ages;-). The materials result from our research and they popularize Classical Antiquity. We wish to support in this way the efforts of brave teachers, educators, parents and tutors who are searching for ideas on how to spend time together with their children and by involving all generations in a creative way. We call this initiative Find the Force!, as we believe that the Classics can be one of the sources of force and inspiration.

Find the Force! Image by Zbigniew Karaszewski.

We are pleased to present two activities (in English: Paint the Muses! and Iris – the Rainbow Goddess) that have been translated into Ukrainian by Olha Kolesnyk. More coming soon!

Розмалюй Муз!

Ірида – Богиня Веселки

Post by Olga Strycharczyk

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