Female Figures from Antiquity in “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”

In “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo (Timbuktu Labs, 2016) we can find 100 inspirational bedtime stories for children about the lives of extraordinary women from different times and parts of the world.

The illustration comes from the official website of the book

There are also female characters from Antiquity, such as Cleopatra (pages 40-41), Hatshepsut (pages 66-67) and Hypatia (pages 72-73). The beautiful illustrations of these characters were created by Kiki Ljung  (Cleopatra), Eleni Kalorkoti (Hatshepsut) and Riikka Sormunen (Hypatia)

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The second part of the book is coming soon – we hope to find there even more female figures from the ancient world! 🙂

See more:

Found by Dorota Bazylczyk

The pictures of the book were taken by the author of this post.




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