“The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid”

“The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid”, directed and produced by Joel MacKenzie, was created in 2011 as an unofficial music video for Rich Aucoin’s song “P.U.S.H.”. Then, it appeared at many well-known animation festivals. Thanks to participation in the “Nickelodeon’s Animated Shorts Program” in 2015, Nickelodeon decided to developed “The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid” into a new short film.

The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid [soure]
“The Myth of Robo Wonder Kid” [source]
The animation talks about a group of mythological monsters (Medusa, Griffin, Cyclops, Unicorn, and Minotaur) who together build their robot-boy and they treat him as their beloved child. Unfortunately, Zeus does not like their idea – he becomes very angry when he learns about their invention and he decides to turn the boy into a very bad character…

What will the mythical characters do to save the boy? Will the story end happily? 

You will find the answer in the video below – a moving story of love and sacrifice. 🙂 

Please note that the material below may contain contents inappropriate for small children.

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Found by Dorota Bazylczyk


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