Traces of Antiquity in “The Making of Harry Potter” Tour

Recently we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of the first book about Harry Potter and today Harry celebrates his 37th:) birthday – on this occasion we wish to dedicate a post on our blog to the famous wizard.  🙂

During our recent research query in London, we had the opportunity to take part in “The Making of Harry Potter” Tour in Warner Bros Studio.


Thanks to this magical experience we were able to catch all the traces of Classical Antiquity and mythology on the film set. We wish to share with you our favourite five pieces of the exhibition:

1. Chocolate Phoenix (The Yule Ball from the “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”)

feniks z czekolady

2. Hallway from The Leaky Gauldron (designed using ancient technique called “forced perspective”)

leakygauldronZdjęcie 21.06.2017, 16 42 37

3. Werewolves on the wall of Defence Against the Dark Art Classroom 
Zdjęcie 21.06.2017, 16 42 49.jpg
4. The Basilisk (from the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”)


5. Buckbeak (Hippogriff)
All the photos were taken by the authors of this post in “Warner Bros. Studio Tour” in London. 
Happy Birthday, Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Found by Dorota Bazylczyk and Anna Mik during the research query in London, UK.

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