“Mia and Me” – the Klimt-inspired World Full of Mythical Creatures

“Mia and Me” is a TV animation series for kids, created by Gerhard Hahn. The series had its world premiere in 2011 (“Mia and Me” was produced by Lucky Punch, Telescreen, Hahn Film, Rainbow S.p.A., and March Entertainment).

The animation tells the story of a girl (Mia) who – thanks to some magical items – can travel to the fantasy world of Centopia.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania mia and me
Mia as an elf [source]
The design of the enchanted land and its inhabitants is inspired by the works of the famous painter – Gustav Klimt (1862-1918).

Royal family [source]
In Centopia we can find many interesting characters (also those related to Greek mythology), for example: elves, unicornsfauns (the famous one is called Phuddle), hippocampi, a gorgon (Polytheus), the evil queen Panthea (the name Panthea can mean: All the Gods).

Fauns from Centopia [source]
Polytheus [source]
Hippocampus [source]
Panthea [source]
Perhaps you know other examples of the reception of Antiquity in this animation? We are sure there are many more to be found in Centopia! 🙂

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Found by Dorota Bazylczyk

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