“Pre-Civilization: Marble Age”

Finally we have something for the fans of the strategy games! 🙂

“Pre-Civilization: Marble Age” is an old-school designed game, developed by Clarus Victoria (Russia). It’s available for PCs, tablets, and smartphones (Google Play and AppStore).

The main game icon presents Athena [source]
Pre-civilization: Marble age

The action of the game starts in 3000 B.C. and it lasts 4000 years. Every next round is a small step into the future. The player’s task is to expand a small Greek village into a new powerful civilization:

“It is your responsibility to manage aspects of your civilizations such as material production, cultural growth, trading and military forces.” 

(read more here)

During the game you have to raise the population, create new buildings, trade goods, conquer new cities, lead the wars, take part in historical events, etc.

If you are interested in this kind of historical simulation strategy games, we also recommend you  Bronze and Stone Age and Predynastic Egypt created by Clarus Victoria.

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Found by Przemysław Kordos (Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw)


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