Let’s Build the History with Playmobil!

For all the fans of the bricks! We found the Playmobile sets inspired by the Ancient History! 🙂

The series is called History and it refers to the history and culture of the Ancient Rome and the Ancient Egypt. It is intended mostly for children aged 6-12.

In Plamobile History we find many famous figures from Antiquity, like for example Roman soldiers, gladiators, Pharaoh, Caesar and Cleopatra.

Here you will find all the sets connected with Ancient Rome:

  1. 3 Roman Soldiers
  2. Roman Tribune
  3. Roman Family
  4. Roman Warriors’ Ship
  5. Roman Troop
  6. Gladiator Arena StarterSet
  7. Caesar and Cleopatra
  8. Roman Tent
  9. Roman Chariot
  10. Legionnaire with Ballista
  11. Quadriga

and here with the Ancient Egypt:

  1. 3 Egyptian Soldiers
  2. Leader of the Egyptian Soldiers
  3. Sphinx
  4. Egyptian House
  5. Nile Ship
  6. Pharaoh Treasure
  7. Egyptian Chariot
  8. Egyptian Family
  9. Pharaoh’s Pyramid
  10. Caesar and Cleopatra
  11. Tomb Raiders’ Camp
  12. Egyptian Troop with Ballista
  13. Egyptian Warrior with Camel

See more:

  • Playmobil Curse of the Pharaohs – The Movie
  • Playmobil Website: http://www.playmobil.co.uk/onlineshop/products/history
  • Playmobil History Build Review by Australian Playmobil Fan: https://youtu.be/Ifjvf1E0M1U

Found by Dorota Bazylczyk, Karolina Kulpa, and Katarzyna Marciniak

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