Basileo App: An Interactive Way to Explore the Myths

Today we want to present you an application for iPad named Basileo, thanks to which the children can get some knowledge of Greek mythology

Age range: 6–8 years old.

Basileo App – the main icon of the application [source]

The application was created by Giuseppe Ferrario and Demetrio Bargellini and it was realized on platform.

The main character of the story – Basileo, is “a small upside down centaur” who wants to become a hero.



Basileo, as the main guide in the story, takes the child on a journey to ancient Greece, introducing her/him to Greek myths and important mythological figures.

Screenshot of the story [source]

Every chapter of his adventures brings a new interactive game embedded in the world of Greek Gods.

Drawing book [source]
The story can be read in four languages – English, Italian, French, or Spanish.

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Found by Dorota Bazylczyk

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