Mercy in “Overwatch” Videogame by Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is a young adult online multi-player team based first person shooter (FPS) videogame by the American game developer company Blizzard Entertainment released in 2016.

The game may contain content inappropriate for children.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Overwatch blizzard
Overwatch [source]

Set in a science-fiction and post-crisis setting, players are divided into two teams to compete to control an objective which could either be controlling an area or escorting a “payload” to the other end of the map. Among the many characters or “heroes” players can choose to play as, one of the most popular is Mercy.

Mercy belongs to the healer or “support” category. Her role is to heal her allies if they have taken damage from the enemy, or to give them a damage boost while they fight. She can also resurrect fallen teammates. Interestingly, Mercy has the characteristics of three mythological figures from three different traditions: the angel from Judeo-Christian tradition, the Valkyrie from Norse tradition, and the Greek god Hermes from ancient Greek tradition. This is depicted through her playstyle, visual appearances (“skins”) and “sprays” (small images players can stamp on surfaces in the game).

Mercy Original Skin.jpg
Mercy – Original skin [source]
Mercy Valkyrie Skin.jpg
Mercy – Valkyrie skin [source]
Mercy Winged Victory skin.jpg
Mercy – Winged Victory skin [source]

Mercy contains shared aspects of the three mythical characters, such as their ability to fly, heal, and resurrect. The presence of mythological themes in a post-crisis contemporary context may suggest a tendency for young adults to be attracted to mythical and classical themes in a contemporary world wrought with regional and global challenges.

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Found and written by Erica Wright, a student of Prof. Marguerite Johnson, University of Newcastle

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