MUJO and OLYM – Mythical Games Created by Oink Games Inc.

MUJO is a puzzle game created by Oink Games Inc. OLYM is another game from the MUJO series, which has entered the top 10 puzzle games in more than a hundred countries around the world (read more). Both games were created in 2015 and are available for free on Android and iOS.

The main icon of MUJO [source]
Obraz znaleziony dla: olym game
The main icon of OLYM [source]

MUJO and OLYM consists of defeating soldiers and monsters from the Greek mythology by combining the largest number of the same blocks. The more blocks you connect, the greater power you’ll get. If you collect a treasure box during the play, you obtain a God or Goddesses, who helps you in defeating the opponents.

The game is most admired by its minimalist, colorful graphic design.

The graphics of the main characters of the game were created by HEY graphic design studio (Barcelona, Spain). Their illustrations of  the mythological characters could be admired on the Oh my God Exhibition.

See more:

Found by Dr. Elizabeth Hale – the founder of the Antipodean Odyssey blog about the explorations in children’s culture and Classical Antiquity.



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