“Tru” (2016) by Barbara Kosmowska

“Tru” by Barbara Kosmowska, illustrated by Emilia Dziubak is a Polish children’s novel from 2016 published by Media Rodzina.

The cover of “Tru” [source].

The story is about a hare called Tru who lives in a town divided into two distinct districts: a rich and a poor one. Tru, as an inhabitant of the latter, is unable to buy expensive gadgets so he decides to invent them. With his new machines, toys, and vehicles, he manages to erase the differences between rich and poor communities.

In the town centre stands a statue of a local hero, Zając Herkules [Hercules the Hare]; also, a Zając Herkules award was given to Tru for creating innovations for the forest. The text does not explain the origins of the name or the deeds done by Zając Herkules for the community. By using the mythological reference, the author is able to create a modern version of the classical hero, who can be regarded as a role model for his community. It could also be the case that Tru became inspired by Zając Herkules’ deeds (although this is never made clear to the reader) and decided to fight the obstacles and injustice in the world the best he can, that is with his talent for inventing new objects which help the community. This shows the young reader that it is not only the strong and muscular, like the mythical Hercules (or his hare fellow, Zając Herkules) who may become a hero, but anyone can, if only his/her talents are used to perform good deeds.

Zając Herkules [Hercules the Hare], illustration by Emilia Dziubak.

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