“Romans Go Home!” Card Game

“Romans Go Gome!” [PL: “Rzymanie do domu!”] is a quick card game designed by Eric B. Vogel, published for the first time in 2013 by Vainglorious Games.

Front cover of the Vainglorious Games edition  [source]

Since 2014, Lui-même publish “Romans Go Gome!” in a graphic design by François Bruel. This version of the game is available in many language versions, for example German, French, English, and Polish.

Front cover of the Lui-même edition [source]
ROmans Go Home2_0
Polish version of the game published by Trefl Joker Line [source][source]

In the game we change into the Caledonians, who try to destroy the Hadrian’s Wall. Points are collected by capturing the Roman forts.



“Romans Go Gome!” is intented for 1-4 players in the age of 13+.  It has only three rounds.

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Found by Dorota Bazylczyk


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