“The Reformator Martin Luther” by Michał Rzecznik and Piotr Nowacki

“Reformator Marcin Luter” (“The Reformator Martin Luther”) is a graphic novel written by Michał Rzecznik and illustrated by Piotr Nowacki published by Wydawnictwo Widnokrąg on 31st October 2017, precisely 500th years after Luther nailed his theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg.

Reformator cover
The cover of the book

“Reformator” is a funny, biographical story about Luther, who as a storyteller explains everyday life in the times between the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and how he came with the idea of the Reformation of the Church and so on. The story finishes in the modern times, as Luther presents numbers considering the protestant churches etc. Each second page is a set of illustrations, the others contain descriptions of the important terms, objects, and people, such as Schwabacher, “The Autumn of the Middle Ages” (by Johan Huizinga), simony, or Jan Hus.

Luther as a storyteller (1).JPG
Luther as a storyteller, il. Piotr Nowacki
Reformation spreading through the Europe.JPG
Reformation spreading through Europe, il. Piotr Nowacki

One of the illustrations presents Luther’s visit to Rome, another one is the mythological she-wolf with two boys, Romulus and Remus:

Romulus and Remus.png

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Found by Krzysztof Rybak

All the photos of the book were made by the author of this post.

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