An Unbelievable New Demigod: Poseidon Is Part of the “Justice League”

A current and famous example for a messianic Poseidon-figure is the hero of Aquaman in the Marvel-movie Justice League (USA, Snyder 2017), in which Poseidon is shown as a superhero.

A modern Poseidon as part of the biggest heroes of all time: Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash [source]

In the plot, he is a king who rules over the sunken empire of Atlantis, and he also has a five times jagged trident, with which he is able to cause big waves to fight against tyrannical enemies like the Parademons. Furthermore, he is a very fast swimmer and can talk to fish and other animals that live in the sea.

Jason Momoa plays the role of the Aquaman in “Justice League” [source]
Aquaman with his red haired and beautiful wife Mera, an Atlantean queen, played by Amber Heard [source]

As far as his iconography is concerned, he looks like the Poseidon statues of fountains of the Renaissance: He has a beard, long and curly hair, and an athletic body. By having bright sea-blue eyes, blond-brown hair, tanned skin, and fish-scale-tattoos all over his strong body, he is also modernized and hybridised with a handsome surfer boy.


If you wish to get to know the power of Aquaman-Poseidon, you can watch this stranger, raising from the sea:

Found by Dr. Michael Stierstorfer from the University of Regensburg.

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