Mythical Creatures in the World of Robin Kaplan’s Illustrations

Robin Kaplan, known as The Gorgonist, is an illustrator dealing with children’s books, games, and comics. The artist has just finished creating her first book with Penguin USA [1]. Recently, she also lent her illustration, titled “The Lonely Gorgon”, for the cover of upcoming anthology “Making Monsters”, dedicated to new literary works inspired by the ancient monsters (prepared by the Institute of Classical Studies &

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania the lonely gorgon
“The Lonely Gorgon” by The Gorgonist [source] Credit: The Gorgonist

On Kaplan’s website, titled “The Gorgonist – Monstrously Charming Comics & Illustration” , we can find many interesting works related to Classical Antiquity and mythology. We encourage you to have a look at them! 🙂

Here are just a few examples:

Found by Katarzyna Marciniak (debt to Twitter:) )

Elaborated by Dorota Bazylczyk

See more:

  • [1] Read more about The Gorgonistlink
  • “The Gorgonist – Monstrously Charming Comics & Illustration” Website
  • Read more about the upcoming anthology “Making Monsters”link 
  • Publication titled “Accessing the Future – A Disability-Themed Speculative Fiction Anthology” (, 2015) by Djibril al-Ayad & Kathryn Allan, with the cover of The Gorgonist link
  • “Stuff We Love: The Gorgonist’s monstrous, nerdy, and charming art” by Lisa Granshaw (Oct 6, 2017) – link
  • The Gorgonist‘s illustrations for children’s books – link
  • “Ushala” comic by The Gorgonistlink
  • The Gorgonist‘s Blog – link
  • The Gorgonist on Facebook – link
  • The Gorgonist on Twitter – link


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