THE UNIVERSAL SEA – PURE OR PLASTIC?! is an exhibition opened on 22nd of April, 2018, at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko (curator: Nicole F. Loeser; coordinators: Weronika Elertowska, Leszek Golec).

The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic?!
The Official Poster of the Exhibition [source]

The exhibition is aimed on publicising the problem of pollution of the seas and presents the artworks of the top five winners of the international competition organised by the Centre.

The artists show that not only animals are in danger, but the pollution harms mythical creatures living under the water. We can see sirens-sculptures made from rubbish or for example a beautiful transparent plastic Aphrodite coming from the sea.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania alex lawicka cuper wenus
“VENUS” by Alex Lawicka Cuper & Alain Lapicoré [source]
“Sirens Net” by Sarah Julig [source] The five sculptural nets are named after the sirens who tempted Odysseus with their beautiful songs and lured his ship into the rocks.”[1]
Found by Dr. Hanna Paulouskaya

Elaborated by Dorota Bazylczyk

See more:

  • [1] Sarah Julig, “Sirens Net – by Sarah Julig”, 02.02.2018 – link
  • Deep Femme Futures, “OGYGIA – by deep femme futures”, 17.02.2018 – link (1), link(2)
  • Noel Kassewitz, “Children’s Book: The Ocean Adventures of Pinni, Tursi, and Mydas: Plastic Danger”, 09.02.2018 – link
  • Ella Schofield Lak, “The Myth of the Mermaid – Greed VS Sacrifice – by Ella Schofield Lake”, 09.02.2018 – link
  • Aleksandra Ławicka Cuper, “VENUS – by Alex Lawicka Cuper & Alain Lapicoré”, 01.02.2018 – link
  • The Official Website of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko – link
  • The Official Press Release about the exhibition – link
  • The Universal Sea on Twitter: @universal_sea
  • The Universal Sea on Facebook: @theuniversalsea




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