“Siren” TV Series (2018)

This material may contain content inappropriate for children and youth.

A new series about mermaids has appeared on Freeform TV on March 29, 2018 – it is called “Siren”, and it talks about the relations between people and sirens, that has a very long history in a coastal town called Bristol Cove.

Podobny obraz
TV Poster of “Siren” [source]

The main character of the series – Ben Pownall, is a marine biologist from a rich local family, who had an opportunity to meet the sirens already in the past. In one of the episodes Ben meets Ryn – a siren swimming to the shore, looking for her sister that was trapped into the fishing nets. It comes out that the lost siren was taken into the military laboratory and became an object of experiments.

Thus, mythology combines with an animal protection theme, and we see a lot of beautiful underwater views and amazing mermaids who – however – may behave like predators at some circumstances. And yes, they do sing, and they are very attractive for sailors. 🙂

Found by Dr. Hanna Paulouskaya

Elaborated by Dorota Bazylczyk

See more:

  • Read about “Siren” in the IMDb – link.
  • “Siren” on Freeform – link.
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