“So you think you’ve got it bad? A kid’s life in Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome” (2019)

Today we wish like to present you our recent discovery – the book series “So you think you’ve got it bad?” by Chae Strathie (author) and Marisa Morea (illustrator), published by Nosy Crow Ltd in collaboration with the British Museum in 2019. It is recommended for the children in the age of 5-8.

In the series we can find three interesting publications related to Antiquity: about children’s life in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Egypt. They present the ancient culture and history to the young readers in a simple and accessible way, mainly through the fun facts and colourful illustrations. All the parts of the series are constructed in a similar way, so the children can get to know about, for example, the clothes & hairstyles, the family time, home, education, food & diet, health & medicines, myths & legends, Ancient Gods, fun and games. At the end of the books they can also find helpful glossaries.

ISBN 9781788004794. Cover (source)
Cover (source)
ISBN 9781788004756. Cover (source)
ISBN 9781788004794. Chapter about the myths and legends, Ancient Greece edition (source)

Here you can take a look inside of the books:

1) Ancient Greece edition:


2) Ancient Rome edition:


The books were recently published in Polish by Wydawnictwo Wilga (in Patrycja Zarawska’s translation).

See more:

Post prepared by Dorota Rejter (Bazylczyk).

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