“Grepolis” Strategic Game (2009)

“Grepolis” is a free on-line strategic game created in 2009 by InnoGames GmbH, in which the main task is to build a city (polis), create a huge army, and finally expand your lands and conquer other islands. During the game you can operate with various materials that help you build houses, temples, and famous ancient buildings. You can also enter into alliances with the great Greek gods such as (inter alia) Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon, and mythical monsters. The game developers are constantly introducing some new boards and taking care of the game development, adding new characters and features. Below you can find some screens from the game and its trailer in English:

Log in page – Polish version of the game [source]
Description of Zeus character [source]
Council of Heroes [source]


See more:

Post prepared by Dorota Rejter.

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