“Antiquity Quest” Card Game by Grandpa Beck’s Games (2019)

“Antiquity Quest” is a card game for 2 to 8 players (ages 10+), created by Grandpa Beck’s Games and illustrated by Apryl Stott. The game box contains: 6 player reference boards, set of 220 cards (antiquity cards, treasure cards, character cards), score pad, and a rulebook:

Front side of a card box [source]

In the game the players become “prospective” archaeologists, who are searching for the stolen artefacts from ancient civilisations, trying to collect as many collections (sets of cards) as they can. Who becomes the owner of the most precious sets of objects, wins!

The sets of cards are six different ancient civilisations. We can find there some objects related to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. There are for example: ancient coins, an ancient vase, ancient jewellery, an ancient helmet, and the statue of Athena:

Set of cards [source]
Ancient Greece – set of cards [source]
You can check the rules of the game on the Grandpa Beck’s Games’ website (link) or you can watch the short video below:

Post prepared by Dorota Rejter

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