“GODs’ School” by Gaylord Cuvillier Libessart – Episodes 1 & 2

Do you remember our post about the upcoming “GODs’ School” animation project by Gaylord Cuvillier Libessart? We wish to announce that the two first episodes of the series are already out on YouTube!

The series is beeing created with a support form the French CNC – Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée and it is inspired by “The Iliad” of Homer and “The Theogony” of Hesiod.

In the first pilot episode, we get to know all the Olympic Gods and Goddesses, as well as and the mythical monsters, who start a new year in the “Mount Olympus” school. The main character of the episode is Eris who always gets in trouble:

The second episode is titled “The New Olympian” and it is dedicated to the character of Paris, who joins the school:

Enjoy watching!

See more:

  • “GODs’ School” on YouTube – link
  • “GODs’ School” on Instagram- link
  • “GODs’ School” on Tumblr – link
  • “GODs’ School” on Facebook – link

Post prepared by Dorota Rejter


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