“Mythical Beasts Masks” by Gavin Rutherford & Tanya Batrak

Happy New Year 2021! Thank you for being with us all year round! 🙂

The carnival period will begin soon around the world and we’ve found something great for this occasion – to enjoy safely at home! We present to you our latest discovery – 3D “Mythical Beasts Masks” created by Gavin Rutheford and Tanya Batrak, published by Ivy Press (2018):

Inside the book there are 10 mythical beast masks to print out and make! You can choose between a dragon, phoenix, basilisk, griffin, werewolf, unicorn, vampire, the Sphinx, a mermaid or Hydra. To introduce young readers to the world of myths and legends, the authors decided to include short, informative paragraphs introducing each creature.

Post elaborated by Dorota Rejter

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