In the Spotlight. A Look at an Interactive ebook “Medea in Performance”

Medea in Performance is an interactive ebook created by Fiona Macintosh, Claire Kenward, and Tom Wrobel, with illustrations by Thom Cuschieri. Released in 2016, it is a multimedia library of images, films, interviews and digital objects to tell the story of Euripides’ Medea (see Materials used in the ebook come from the collection of APGRD (Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, based at the University of Oxford. The ebook is intended especially for students and teachers.

Cover [source]
(accessed: 13 January 2021)

Although Euripides’ play was first staged 2,500 years ago, it still remains a source of inspiration: “Like all myths, no two versions of the Medea story are quite the same – and there are many versions” [1]. Even though this protagonist is widely recognized as a monstrous mother, various threads of Medea’s story have been highlighted by the ebook’s authors. Broad outlook at character is especially visible in performative arts.

Inside the book [source]
(accessed: 13 January 2021)

The ebook is a helpful guide to various interpretations of Euripides’ play. In one place it collects sources and research, historical photographs and information on performances from different parts of the world. It shows not only what Medea is, but what she has become through reinterpretations.

A short video about ebook history, featuring APGRD Director, Fiona Macintosh is available on YouTube:

The ebook version is available for free on Apple Books ( Also a free EPUB version is available to download from the APGRD website (accessed: 13 January 2021).

Post prepared by Zuzanna Majorczyk, 3rd year of Collegium Artes Liberales, for the Our Mythical Childhood Seminar

[1] Fiona Macintosh, Claire Kenward, Tom Wrobel, “Medea in Performance” (APGRD, 2016), 96,

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