Minerva Meets Ariadne

Minerva was the main theme of the recent patchwork competition: “Minerva – bogini rzemiosła” [Minerva – The Goddess of Crafts] organized by Stowarzyszenie Polskiego Patchworku [Polish Patchwork Association] together with the distributor of Minerva sewing machines. The first “Minerva” was created in Austria in 1871, during the second wave of the industrial revolution. It was adorned with an image of the goddess and the motto “MELIORA SUNT BONO INIMICA”.

Minerva has many mythical cousins in the family of sewing machines. Vesta popular for its home machines, Titan, Trojan, Vulcan miniature and toy machine, or Venus overlock are just a few examples.

Ariadne also finds her place among those mythical heroes as a patron of the Polish thread factory called “Ariadna”. The company’s website proudly tells the story of the goddess. The list of Ariadna products includes: Heros, Flora, Iris, Titan, HectorDaedalusIcarus, Maia, Talia, Leto, and Muse.

Depiction of the goddess on the
vintage Minerva sewing machine [source].
Vulcan sewing machine for children [source].
Patchwork “Patrona 2021”
by Sylwia Haluch [source].
Patchwork “Pani M.” [Ms M.]
by Joanna Szymczyk [source].
Minerva sewing machine – photo by Maria Makarewicz.
A bag with the logo of Ariadna thread factory – photo by Katarzyna Marciniak.
Ariadna braided thread
of universal use named Heros [source].
Ariadna high tenacity sewing thread
named Leto [source].
Ariadna thread named Daedalus resistant to high temperatures [source].
Ariadna thread and Minerva sewing machine – photo by Maria Makarewicz.

See also:

Stowarzyszenie Polskiego Patchworku [Polish Patchwork Association]: https://polskipatchwork.pl/index.php/2021/10/03/bawmy-sie-razem-czyli-minerva-bogini-rzemiosla/ (accessed December 23, 2021).

Post prepared by Maria Makarewicz and Olga Strycharczyk.

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