“Our Mythical Nature” Conference

The international conference “Our Mythical Nature: The Classics and Environmental Issues in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture” took place online at the Faculty of „Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw, on 29–30 September, 2021, to summarize the third stage of the Our Mythical Childhood Project:

Zbigniew Karaszewski, A Girl with Doves Googling Arcadia (2020)
– logo of the 3rd stage of the Our Mythical Childhood project.

Here you can read the conference materials – the programme:

and the conference booklet:

The lectures and presentations from the conference are available as a playlist on our YouTube channel, so if you search for a nice background for jogging in the middle of Nature… 😉


The subject of Nature was also taken up by high-school students. Here you can watch their films on ecology, prepared within the competition Antiquity–Camera–Action!:

Moreover, the students of three high schools in Poland (Bartłomiej Nowodworski from Kraków, Mikołaj Rej from Warsaw, and “Strumienie” from Józefów) prepared a joint publication Naturae cognoscere causas (Open Access: http://www.omc.obta.al.uw.edu.pl/naturaecausas). They present their research results in the reportage:

We wish You All a good start into the New Year MMXXII!


For more information see the conference page: http://omc.obta.al.uw.edu.pl/our-mythical-nature

Post prepared by Katarzyna Marciniak and Olga Strycharczyk

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