“Letters from Felix” by Annette Langen

“Letters from Felix: A Little Rabbit on a World Tour” [in German original: “Briefe von Felix: ein kleiner Hase auf Weltreise”, in Polish: “Listy od Feliksa: Mały zając podróżuje po świecie”] is a children’s book written by the German author Annette Langen, published for the first time in 1994. The illustrations are made by Constanza Droop.

The cover of the Polish version of “Letters from Felix: A Little Rabbit on a World Tour” [Mamika Publishing House]

The book tells a story about two friends: Sophie and her plush toy rabbit – Felix. When Sophie and her parents return from their vacation, Felix gets lost at the airport. The girl feels very sad because she never separates from her toy. One day however, she receives a letter, and it turns out that it is written by Felix. The rabbit explains to the girl that he is fine – he just got into the wrong plane.

Felix starts to travel around the world – he visits London, Paris, Rome, Cairo, Kenya, and New York. From every place he sends a letter to Sophie – the readers will find his letters placed inside the book. At the end of the story, Felix manages to come back home – he also bring some presents for Sophie (and of course for the readers ;)), that are placed in a little paper suitcase at the end of the book.


The first installment of the adventures of Felix and Sophie initiated a series that has several parts. In one of them, entitled “Felix Travels Back in Time” [Germ.: “Neue Briefe von Felix: Ein kleiner Hase reist durch die Vergangenheit”, Poln. “Nowe listy od Feliksa: Mały zając podróżuje po przeszłości”], published for the first time in 1995, the rabbit goes back in time and he travels among other places to the world of Ancient Greece.

The cover of the polish version of “Felix Travels Back in Time” [Mamika Publishing House]

In 2002 there appeared a children’s TV series, based on the books about Felix and Sophie, entitled “Letters from Felix”, directed by Alan Simpson and produced by WunderWerk and Caligari Film in co-production with TV Loonland and ZDF (Supported By FFF).

The series consists of 26 episodes.

Found by Dorota Bazylczyk

All the photos of the Polish version of book were taken by the author of this post.

3 thoughts on ““Letters from Felix” by Annette Langen”

  1. Someone please tell me what’s in the end of the felix book, in the suitcase. My daughter, Isabella ate the last page, so I have been left in suspense. I rushed her to the hospital in an attempt to have her stomach pumped, but that was unsuccessful… so I tried to retrieve it on my own term, but instead I had to wait for when she “passed” it, but the words were all scrambled. It’s been many years, and attempts, and nothing has come up. Please tell me what happens. Please.


  2. I am desperately seeking a copy of Felix’s last letter! I got given a second hand copy of the book as I am a storyteller in a Californian elementary school. The book is otherwise perfect but the final envelope is empty! Would you be willing to share a picture of the contents of the last envelope so I can make my own version?


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