“Rombies” – a Graphic Novel about Roman Zombies

We found something for the zombie fans! 🙂 It’s a new graphic novel series “Rombies”, written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Skye Ogden and coloured by Mikiko Ponczeck. It is published by Gestalt Publishing.

The cover of Rombies #0 [source]
The cover of Rombies #1 [source]

The stories depicted in “Rombies” are related to the historical events associated with Roman gladiators, senators, and rulers. In its comic version, however, the Roman world turns out to be full of dangerous zombies, what makes the fabula very modernized and original.

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Found by Dr. Elizabeth Hale – the founder of the Antipodean Odyssey blog about the explorations in children’s culture and Classical Antiquity.

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