“Mythical Realms®” Collection of Toys by Safari Ltd®

Mythical Realms® is one of the collection of toys created by Safari Ltd®. The pieces from the collection depict various figures and monsters from the world of mythology, like for example PoseidonMinotaur, Chimera.


The figurine of Poseidon [source]

The age category of the collection is 3+, however, the figurines may contain small parts that may constitute a choking hazard.

The great advantage of the Mythical Realms® are the fine-tuned details of the figurines that makes them look very realistic. All the characters have interesting descriptions on the manufacturer’s website.

Outside the collection, Safari Ltd® offers the Mythical Realms® TOOB® with 8 small figures from Greek mythology, containing Chimera, Griffin, Phoenix, Unicorn, Sea Dragon, the Minotaur, Poseidon and a Mermaid.


See more:

Found by Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson (University of Oxford)

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