“Sapiens: Human History Card Game Multicoloured” (2019) by Londji

“Sapiens: Human History…” is a family card game created by a Spanish project Londji, with beautiful illustrations by Sebastian Serra known mainly as a children’s books illustrator. It contains 7 sets of cards showing families from different ages of history. The rules are simple – who collects all the members from one family wins!

Box of cards “Sapiens: Human History Card Game Multicoloured” [source]

Two families come from the ancient times – one from the Ancient Egypt, the second one from the Ancient Rome. We can see there for example the Great Sphinx of Giza, the Roman Senate, and the Senatus Populusque Romanus flag:

Two sets of cards – families from the Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Rome [source]

Full set of “Sapiens: Human History…” cards [source]

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Post prepared by Dorota Rejter